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Tips for Planning your Next Overseas Family Trip to Wellington NZ

For those living overseas a family trip to Wellington, New Zealand, certainly requires thorough planning. The last thing you want is to find yourself in an emergency situation, thousands of miles away from home. 

Here are some useful and practical tips for organising a stress-free family trip to New Zealand:

1. Pack All Of Your Gadgets

If there is one thing that is just as important as your ID and your travel documents, it is your laptop or tablet. A laptop is an indispensable gadget these days, great for staying in touch with friends, posting photos on social media and downloading media files from your camera or smart phone. 

Just make sure you are aware of the roaming charges before you leave home. If you plan to spend several weeks in NZ, then you should also consider getting a new pre-paid SIM card for making local calls.

2. Get Comprehensive Health and Travel Insurance

Getting health and travel insurance is important when traveling overseas, especially if you are traveling with children. Shop around for the most affordable and comprehensive health and travel insurance policies and remember to enquire about discounted rates if you buy two or more policies from the same company.

3. Pack Smart 

If you travel light you avoid the stress and worry of carrying and moving around with large heavy luggage. Do not forget that just like any other country, New Zealand has its own list of restricted items that you cannot bring through the airport, such as sharp objects, lighters and bio security items including some foods. 

4. Get An International Driving Permit

When traveling around New Zealand, car rental is an affordable way to get around. Renting a car allows you to travel at your own pace and experience the many wonders that New Zealand has to offer. 

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is a must do for any overseas visitor. If you need car rental in Wellington, Bargain Rentals have a fantastic range of affordable vehicles to suit your needs. 

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